Geographical regions in Poland

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Map of basic geographical units of Poland

Map of physical-geographic mesoregions according to J. Kondracki against the background of administrative division

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Geographic regions in Poland – the division of Poland into areas distinguished by similar landscape and geological features. They are arranged in relief belts:

belt of coasts, belt of lake districts, belt of lowlands (Central Polish Lowlands), belt of uplands (Polish Highlands), belt of basins (Subcarpathian Basins),

belt of mountains.

Table of contents

1 Belt of young mountains of Alpine folding (Carpathian Mountains) 2 Belt of Subcarpathian basins 3 Belt of highlands 4 Belt of old mountains (Sudetes and Holy Cross Mountains) 5 Belt of Central Polish lowlands 6 Belt of lake districts 7 Belt of coasts 8 See also

Belt of young mountains of Alpine folding (Carpathians)[edit | edit code].

Mięguszowieckie Peaks above Morskie Oko in the Tatra Mountains

Koscieliska Valley


Tarnica (Bieszczady)

Pieniński Przełom Dunajca (Pieniny)

Turbacz (Gorce)

Babia Gora (Babia Góra)

Skrzyczne (Beskid Śląski)

Radziejowa (Beskid Sadecki)

Wielka Rycerzowa (Beskid Zywiecki)

Beskid Wyspowy

Beskid Niski

Beskid Mały

Beskid Makowski

Słonne Mountains

Subcarpathian basins belt[edit | edit code].

The view from Goczałkowicki Lake over the Silesian Beskid

Niepołomice Primeval Forest

San River estuary to the Vistula River

Sunset over Vistula River

Benedictine abbey in Tyniec

Rzeszów foothills

Upland belt[edit | edit code].

Bledowska Desert

Kobylańska Valley

Roztocze landscape

Prądnik Valley

Nida Basin

Mount Saint Anne

Diabla Góra (Opoczno Hills)

Cool Fish (Przedborska Upland)

Belt of old mountains (Sudetes and Holy Cross Mountains)[edit | edit code].

Równia pod Śnieżką (Giant Mountains)

Snowy Cauldrons


White Rocks

Wilczka waterfall (Śnieżnik Massif)

Goloborza in the Swietokrzyskie Mountains

Izera Mountains

Table Mountains

Kłodzko Valley


Walbrzyskie Mountains

Rudawy Janowickie

Bystrzyckie Mountains

Owl Mountains

Opawskie Mountains

Kaczawskie Mountains

Kamienne Mountains

The Bardzkie Mountains

Orlickie Mountains

The Golden Mountains

The Bialskie Mountains

Central Polish lowlands belt[edit | edit code].


Landscape of Mazovia

Bialowieza Forest

Kampinos Primeval Forest

Kozienicka Forest

Landscape of Podlasie

Odra River in the Wrocław Valley

Vistula – the mouth of the Narew River

Warta River near Sieradz

Bug River near Nurem

Gliwice Canal

Polesie National Park

Trzebnickie Hills

South Wielkopolska Lowland – Turek Upland

Milickie ponds

The lake district belt[edit | edit code].

Lake Śniardwy (Land of the Great Masurian Lakes)

Mikołajskie Lake (the Land of the Great Masurian Lakes)

Lake Jasne (Iława Lake District)

Lake Łańskie (Olsztyn Lake District)

Lake Hancza (Suwalskie Lake District)

Rajgrodzkie Lake (Ełk Lake District)

Lake Barlineckie (Myśliborskie Lake District)

Lake Morzycko (Myśliborskie Lake District)

Lake Insko (Insko Lake District)

Lake Wielimie (Drawskie Lake District)

Lake Lubie (Drawskie Lake District)

Pile (Szczecineckie Lake District / Drawskie Lake District)

Lake Bytyń Wielki (Wałeckie Lake District)

Lake Bobięcińskie Wielkie (Bytów Lake District)

Lake Charzykowskie (Charzykowska Plain)

Radunskie Lake (Kashubian Lake District)

Lake Borzechowskie Wielkie (Starogardzkie Lake District)

Lubikowskie Lake (Zbąszyńska furrow)

Lake Niesłysz (Lagow Lake District)

Lake Niepruszewskie (Poznań Lake District)

Powidzkie Lake (Gniezno Lake District)

Lake Gluszynskie (Kujawy Lake District)

Lake Zbiczno (Brodnica Lake District)

Lake Sławskie (Leszno Lake District)

Coastal belt[edit | edit code].



Cliff in the Wolin National Park

Orlowo (Gdynia)

Wolin Island

Trzęsacz – ruins of a church on a cliff

Moving dunes in the Slowinski National Park

Pomeranian Bay

Puck Bay

Sea port of Szczecin

Ferry Terminal Swinoujscie

Gdansk Sea Port

Gdynia Sea Port

Kolobrzeg Sea Port


Szczecin Lagoon on the Polish-German border

Vistula Lagoon

Cisowo Wind Power Plant

Hel Spit


Lake Łebsko

Lake Dabie

Lake Miedwie

Lake Jamno

See also[edit | edit code].

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