First Republic

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This article is about the conventional name for the Polish state from 1454 to 1795. See also Rzeczpospolita Obojga Narodów.

The largest territorial extent of the First Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth in 1619-1622, after the Armistice of Dywilin against the background of the borders of modern states. Legend: Crown Prussia – fief of the Kingdom of Poland Grand Duchy of Lithuania Livland – possession of the Crown and Lithuania Courland – fief of the Republic of Poland

The First Republic, the Republic of the Nobility – the conventional name for the federated state consisting of the Crown of the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, used for the period from the mid-15th century, i.e. from the creation of the foundations of noble democracy, through the existence of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth until the Third Partition, i.e. until the liquidation of the state in 1795[1].

The first documented example of the use of the term Rzeczpospolita to describe the Polish state is found in Maciek Borkowic’s act of allegiance to King Casimir the Great on February 16, 1358 in Sieradz.

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