Civitas Schinesghe

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The supposed extent of the state of Mieszko I and Bolesław Chrobry in 1000.

The state of Mieszko I with the possible location of the sites mentioned in the document Dagome iudex.

Civitas Schinesghe – the first officially written down name of Mieszko I’s state dating back to 991/992. This name was used in the document Dagome iudex. In this document, written in Latin, Mieszko places his state under papal protection. “The State of Gniezno”, according to Dagome iudex, includes Pomerania and the lands of the Polans, Kuyavians, Mazovians and Lędzians, while outside its territory are the Czerwieńskie Grody, the Kraków Land, Moravia, the southern part of Silesia (between the Oder and the Sudeten Mountains), Milsko and Lusatia, all of which were annexed to Poland by Duke Bolesław I Chrobry.

Item in alio tomo sub Iohanne XV papa Dagome iudex et Ote senatrix et filii eorum: Misicam et Lambertus – nescio cuius gentis homines, puto autem Sardos fuisse, quoniam ipsi a IIII iudicibus reguntur – leguntur beato Petro contulisse unam civitatem in integro, que vocatur Schinesghe, cum omnibus suis pertinentiis infra hos affines, sicuti incipit a primo latere longum mare, fine Bruzze usque in locum, qui dicitur Russe et fines Russe extendente usque in Craccoa et ab ipsa Craccoa usque ad flumen Oddere recte in locum, qui dicitur Alemure, et ab ipsa Alemura usque in terram Milze recte intra Oddere et exinde ducente iuxta flumen Oddera usque in predictam civitatem Schinesghe.

Dagome iudex

Boundaries of the state of Mieszko I

Reference points by which the borders of Mieszko I’s state can be drawn:

Schinesghe/Schniesghee/Schignesne/Schniesche/Schinesne/Schinesgne (Gniezno or Szczecin);

Baltic Sea (longum mare), probably on the Danzig part or the coast from Szczecin to Danzig (Gyddanyzc);

Prussia (Bruzze/Pruzze/Przze);

Ruthenia (Russe/Russae);

Kraków – Ziemia krakowska (Craccoa/Raccoa/Graccoa/Cracoa);

Oder River (Oddera/Oddere flumen);

Alemure (Moravia or Moravian Olomouc, possibly Olawa);

Milze/Mulze – land of the Milczans (a Lusatian tribe with the town of Budziszyn), the so-called Milsko.

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